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Warhammer 40K Battle Report Eldar vs Ultramarines TRAGEDY & HOPE! 8th Edition 2000pts

Warhammer 40K Battle Report Eldar vs Ultramarines TRAGEDY & HOPE! 8th Edition 2000pts:

Determined to rise to the top, the Eldar will pursue a clear victory against this experienced Ultramarines force. Will the blue line hold? Or will the Space Marines be picked apart? The Eldar are back! Seeking to put past humiliations behind them they prepare to take on the mighty Ultramarines in open battle. Worth watching this one right to the end to see multiple epic character battles take place! Who will be left standing? Trust me…you will be shocked!

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Getting in to 40k was no accident! Really it all began at school when a friend of mine brought in his 40k Rule Book and I was inspired by what I saw! I’ve been into the wargames hobby in general now for years and really enjoy it! I guess the good thing about wargames is the fact you can fight it out with your opponent on the wargames table without the worry of personal injury to yourself – well most of the time anyway! (I’m not exactly a body builder size wise)!

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Gangs of Rome Over View Episode 10: The Battle Report

The 10th and final episode in our quick over view series: the epic battle between Andy Hobday​ and Steve Snow​!

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Starring Andy Hobday, one of the co creators of Gangs of Rome and also one of the owners of Footsore Miniatures UK.

Filmed and edited by Jamie Tranter​ of Infamous JT​.