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At the start of every month, we will share a video or a write-up, that we think you may like and gives the owner the credit they deserve for the effort and dedication that they have put into it!

if you have a recommendation of something that might be of interest to people (can be any game). You can submit it by clicking the link.

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Below is the monthly selected video/write up that has been chosen, and will hopefully interest/inspire gamers everywhere!


January 2018

happy New Years guys and girls! It’s a new year and our friends over at Whispers from the lead belt have kicked off the year with the finger on the pulse! They have given some food for thought on the upcoming ‘slaves to darkness’ releases from GW. Enjoy!


December 2017:

The folks over at whitewash studios have done a great unboxing of Necromunda underhive. If you are interested in getting the game then this will definitely help tip the scale for you and get you battling your friends with a fantastic game!


November 2017:

Lee Andy Palmer, has written some great bogs about Bushido. This month the spotlight goes to his blog ‘Bushido Basics: Warband Construction’. A great read and very helpful for new players and people wanting a refresher read on how to create a warband.


October 2017:

Chico Danks, member of Watford Wargames and the man behind blog page ‘Oldhaamer on a budget’, has been keeping us informed on his  40k – 17th Traitor Mech project. We have really enjoyed reading up on this and think you will also! (Currently it spans across 7 updates…EPIC)


September 2017:

Matt Adlard of ‘Whispers from the lead belt’, has written about his experience of Warlord Games Antares Day that was hosted July 1st 2017