What is Gameface? Gameface is quite simply, a place for us all to share our tabletop hobby and interests. The idea is to have one central ‘hub’ that allows you to incorporate all of your tabletop game interests into one website, after all, the majority of us play more than 1 game system, right?!

Gameface not only allows you to display your fine miniatures that you spend hours a day on, but to also share events going on near you!! Maybe it’s an event for ‘Age of Sigmar’ being run by your local gaming group, a tournament for ‘Bolt Action’ that you think people would like to know about or even something that you are running personally. This is the place to share them, help gamers get connected!

Want to meet new people to game with, unsure if people are in your local area? Share where you are and allow others to connect with you and (hopefully) game together. with so many games out there, meeting a new gaming group can be easy (if you want it to be!)

Who knows, maybe you have a future gaming buddy just around the corner!

Thank you all from the Gameface team.